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  • Levy Information

    2018 Emergency Operations Levy Information

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    Construction to the main entrance of the middle school is projected to be complete by the end of October. Until the main entrance is complete, students, staff, and visitors will enter through the doors by the media center. In order to provide for the safest and most orderly drop off and pick up of students to the Johnstown Middle School, drivers will need to adhere to the following traffic and parking directions during school days: 







    Arrival and Dismissal (Williams Street) 

    Parents will come down Williams Street and line up in front of Searfoss Elementary. The buses will come down Oregon and line up in front of the Performing Arts Center to unload. Oregon Street is not to be used by car riders; only buses will use Oregon Street. Once students are dismissed from buses, parents will be directed to continue in front of the Performing Arts Center to drop off their students and exit onto Faye’s Freeway (the road that runs perpendicular with the middle school).  



    From State Route 37 (Main Street) 

    Cars will not be able to enter the middle school campus from either road off State Route 37 (Main Street). Faye’s Freeway will be a one-way street, only exiting the campus. Chambers Way, the road that runs beside the one-room schoolhouse, will be high school traffic only and flow through the middle school parking lot will be blocked. 



    Parking for middle school visitors is located in the lot in front of Searfoss Elementary and the Performing Arts Center. There is additional parking in the gravel lot on the hill across from the Performing Arts Center. Parking directly in front of the middle school gymnasium will be blocked due to construction. The back two rows of parking in front of the gymnasium and the parking on the south side of the gymnasium is for high school students only.  





    (7:10 AM – 7:20 AM AND 2:20 PM-2:30 PM). 



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  • To assist donnors with the ability to help various areas in the Johnstown School System, a link to make a donation has been added under the Quick Links portion of the district's homepage. Thank you for your financial support!

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  • Safe Schools help line  
     To submit a report online:
    To submit a report through phone or text
    Call 800-478-6423
    Text 66746, then TIPS


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  • Superintendent Message

    July 25, 2018

    We are in the midst of our most challenging and inconvenient times of facility construction as we enter the 2018-2019 school year.  Below you will find a short description of status for each construction project in our district.  Please be patient as we try our best to efficiently and effectively complete these projects over the next year. 

    Watch for changes in traffic patterns especially in the areas of our middle school and stadium. We expect that with the start of the school year we will have the need for certain areas around our middle school to be fenced off for construction that will continue through October.

     As we work to replace our stadium facility (that was lost to fire on December 10th) we have put in place temporary restroom, press box, concession and locker room facilities so that our boys and girls can compete and perform on their home field this fall during construction.  Although this will create some inconveniences for us as fans, employees and players, we need to keep our eye on a time one year from now when our students and community will enjoy nice renovated facilities that are safe, efficient to maintain, and cost effective in the long term.

    We are Johnnies!  Together we can work though challenging times knowing that we are working to leave a great legacy for current and future generations.  I thank you in advance for your patience in the coming year.



    Dale L. Dickson,




    1. Track/Turf Replacement Project

    New curbing has been installed on interior of track to accommodate proper infield gravel infill.

    Milling and re-paving of track has been completed

    While pavement is curing the turf pad and turf will be installed.

    Drainage repairs have been completed.

    Long jump pit is being relocated to Northeast grass area behind the bandstands. The pit will be at the end of a 145’ run of pavement that will be topped with the same surface as track.

    We have placed two 3” conduits and one 2” conduit runs from a ground box in the vicinity of the scoreboard that run under the track to another box positioned behind the band stands. This conduit has been encased with concrete.  This will allow the district to run any future lines to the area behind the band stand that may be necessary without disturbing the track or field.

    We have placed three 2” conduits from a box in the grass at the bottom center of the home stands to another box that is installed in a location behind the home bench on the field. These conduit runs are also encased in concrete and will accommodate electric, communication and water lines. 

    At this point the work is on schedule to be ready for our first event which is scheduled for August 7th.

    The Friends of the Turf and Track Committee continue to work on donations and fundraisers to secure additional funding to offset the cost of this project to the school district.

    1. Stadium Facility

    Work continues with AEP, BSHM, Robertson and various sub-contractors to secure temporary electric, sound and lighting services for our Fall events.

    We are awaiting the GMP from Robertson Construction on the rebuilding of the stadium facility and much of the design has been completed by BSHM Architects. Bidding for the work following the early site package will commence in early fall with work to begin on a schedule that is economically advantageous to the school district.

    We continue to work to secure major donation(s) in support of the alternate section of the new facility that consists of a second concession/sales area and a meeting room. Naming rights to this alternate room in the Frank Chambers Stadium has been discussed. We believe that corporate support is forthcoming.

    We are making arrangements as follows for temporary services for the Fall Sports Season:

    Track Storage Building is being converted to be used as a temporary visitor’s locker room.

    Home teams will utilize the Educational Center (formerly Searfoss Elementary) as a temporary locker room.

    Portable restrooms have been ordered for the months of August, September and October. One large 6/4 or 5/5 trailer with two side handicapped portable units have been ordered for the public.  Four handicapped units will be placed privately near the Track Storage Building for use by visiting teams. 

    The athletic boosters are working on a plan to sell concessions and are considering a number of options at this point.

    The band will be using the field behind the Church of the Ascension as a practice field. We very much appreciate the church allowing the band to use this field as it frees up the North section of our current practice field for the Middle School Football to utilize at the same time our H.S. teams practice; thus, eliminating the need for our MS football team to travel to the Oregon field.


    1. Phase III Renovation of the Middle School

    At present we are on track to have the classrooms, Library, Band Room and Gym ready for the start of school.

    The administrative offices, elevator and cafeteria will still be under construction until sometime in October. These areas will be safely separated from student, staff and public traffic while work continues.  We will place the Principal’s office in the Guidance Office area and serve lunch in a section of the gymnasium until the administrative and cafeteria areas are complete. 

    Students, staff and public will enter the building by the Library foyer for the months of September and part of October until the main entrance is complete.

    We will need to temporarily staff this Library entranceway to receive and direct persons entering the building before, during and after school through the month of October.

    1. Paving and Site Work Project

    We are awaiting a final GMP proposal from Robertson Construction on the site and paving project to include sidewalk, underground structure, paving, lighting and camera conduit from Chambers Way to Douglas and around the Education Center.

    Upon the board’s approval of the GMP some work may commence with respect to site and underground structure this summer and into the Fall. Paving will most likely be set for June of 2019 or shortly thereafter with the total of work to be completed by August of 2019.  

    1. Demolition of Adams and Oregon Facilities.

    We held our Auction of contents for these two building on July 7th and those purchasing items had until July 21st to remove those items from the buildings.

    Our maintenance department will be removing remaining items from the building between now and the end of July.

    The fire department, K9 units, and SWAT have requested to use the Adams and Oregon buildings for training during the month of August and we are now working with them to schedule said training.

    Although we do not have a specific date for demolition of the buildings we by contract are to have the building ready for demo by September 1st.

    There is interest in having some of the bricks from the Adams building set aside to make available to the public as souvenirs. We have communicated to Robertson Construction that we have an interest in having bricks set aside and the desire to possibly salvage a number of the prison marked bricks from the cellar of the Adams Building.

    Robertson and BSHM are working on a GMP for removal, transport and rebuilding of the entrance archway from the Adams Building to an area near our Stadium. Our understanding is that there is a possible donor available once we know what the price for a project.  Should donations cover the costs associated with moving and reconstruction of this entranceway, the Board of Education will consider such a project.

    1. Softball Field Project

    As part of the engineering process we have responded to requests for information regarding the construction of a softball field to the Northwest of the stadium.

    Robertson is now working on estimates for the project and soon will be coming to the Board with a GMP for that project.

    It is our intent that construction on this softball field will commence soon so that proper grass can be established this summer/fall for use in the spring.