• Nutrition & Ruminant Anatomy   

    Assessment: Due 3/25

    *You have all the notes and the accompanying powerpoint is in your email. The assessment link will be emailed to you after I see proof that you have completed your notes. 


    Feeding Rations

    Notes PDF PPT Due: 

    Notesheet PDF Due: 3/27

    Pearson Square Examples

    Pearson Square Examples Take 2

    Worksheet PDF Due: 3/31

    M & M Rations PDF Due: 4/2

    Assessment Due: 4/3     

    I will email you the assessment link after you have proved the notes are complete. This can be done by emailing a photo, scan or digital copy of the completed notes.  I will post a video in Teams for completing rations. If you need further assistance, please contact me and we can email or connect live via Teams in 365. I will send you an email when I plan to go live and will invite all, but I will also record it. 


    Spring Break!


    Ruminant Digestive Disorders             

    Using this packet (PDF), answer the questions at the back of it. 

    You assessment will be completed on 4/17.

    The link to the forms quiz will be emailed by 7:30am on 4/17.


    Meat Science

    Using the PPT (PDF), answer the questions on the note sheet (PDF).

    Your forms assessment will be emailed on 4/24.


    Reading Scientific Works               Due 5/1

    Using the article on how to read Scientific Articles, read Animal Rights v. Animal Welfare and complete the notesheet and turn in using forms


    Sustainable Animal Agriculture           Due 5/8

    Using this article on Sustainable Animal Agriculture write a 2-3 paragraph response on the most important factors to sustainable animal agriculture, defend your points with facts. When you finish your response upload it to forms.

    Optional Activity: Create a mini poster (8.5" x11") on sustainable animal agriculture practices. 


    1,000,000 mile chicken

    Read the exert from Everything I want to do is illegal. And write your response to the article. What implications does this have on our food supply. Upload your response or type it in to forms


    Update Record Books         Due 5/22

    Let me know what questions you have as you work. I know many of you have fair animals.