• Extended Spring Break Plan

    While you will be out for the next three weeks, you have two major tasks to complete: your Women in the 1800’s Essay and the Roaring Twenties Research Project. For now, just focus on the essay. You should start the Roaring Twenties Research Project in two weeks. Here are the due dates for each of the following tasks:

    As soon as possible, title your essay “Lastname-women Essay” and share it with me. There is no need to share each new paragraph with me. As long as your rough draft is shared with me, I will find everything I need there. I will contact you via email or Remind once I have given you feedback.

    Wednesday 3/18 11:59 pm: must have BODY PARAGRAPH #1 complete 

    Monday 3/23 11:59 pm: must have BODY PARAGRAPH #2 complete 

    Friday 3/27 11:59 pm: must have BODY PARAGRAPH #3 complete 

    Tuesday 3/31 11:59 pm: must have conclusion complete 

    *After each of the above deadlines, I will review the paragraph and leave my feedback for you.

    By Friday 4/3, you must have shared your essay with a peer and traded peer editing with them.

    The final draft and works cited page will be due by Tuesday, April 14th 11:59 pm, whether we return to school that day or not.