Week 1 (March 23-27)



    Week One 

    Classifying Rocks  

    Interactive  Science Workbook 


    Student user name will be as follows: 

    Ex:  26flemingm 

            Jms(lunch code number) 

    Lesson and videos have been loaded in your account.   

    Start from the bottom and work up. Click on the arrows up or down.  

    E text book is also linked to help with the materials.  


    Students need to complete the Life section of Study Island.  This was assigned several weeks ago.  Completion of 70% is required.  Due date for this is April 4.   

    If you have your Mineral Card you can turn it in when you pick up materials or take a picture and email it to me. 

    Please do not hesitate to email me with questions I am here to help you 😊 mfleming@jmk12.org