Welcome to Physical Science, The Atom and PT Unit!

    This will be where you find the content of our class while we are distance/remotely learning. I will give you the entire unit's content: notes, formatives, videos, and links to summative assignment.

    All files for the current unit are at the bottom of this page & organized in the order you will need them. "Steps #" refers to the organization on the Unit Guide.

     My hope is that you will work at your own pace and contact me via email, instagram, remind, or during my "office hours." I hope to utilize office hours once a week where I can video chat with you to help you with any direct help you might need. My office hours are scheduled 9-10 AM every Monday via Teams on Office 365. If you come up with any problems or hiccups please do not hesitate to email with any concerns or suggestions!


  • Initial Summative (click here for Initial Summative)

    Take this quiz soon! There are only 2 questions and it takes a solid 1 minute to take. This is a test to see that you can take my summatives and acccess them on my website.

    The Parts of the Periodic Table (click here for the Periodic Table Summative)

    Take this quiz after completing Steps 1-5. This is over the parts of the atom, the history of the periodic table, and the parts of the periodic table. (15 Questions).

    Reading the PT and Drawing Bohr Models (Click here for Reading PT and Bohr Model Quiz)

    Take this quiz after completing Steps 6-11. This quiz will require you to upload a file (You are drawing Bohr Models). This can be done in many ways (Paint, Snapchat, Instagram, Pen/Paper and take a picture, etc.) Be prepared to do this before you take your quiz so that you do not have to exit out. (19 questions).

    Electron Dot Diagrams & Isotopes Quiz (Click here for Electron Dot Diagram and Isotope Quiz)

    Take this quiz after completing Steps 12-16. This quiz will require you to upload a file (You are drawing Electron Dot Diagrams). Same format of questions/dropbox as the last quiz. (25 questions).



    Answer Keys are now available for all the formative work.

    Click here to access Folder with answer keys

    Please check your answers AFTER you are done. If you cannot figure anything out or want a little more personalized guidance please do not hesitate to ask me for help!


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    Follow the link to the folder. Download and save in another location on your computer/Onedrive. 

    Folder with Editable Copies of your formative worksheets

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  • In the World Now Discussion:

    Don't forget to go to the "In the World Now..." section of my teacher website in order to make your contribution to the discussion of the COVID-19 Pandemic as it relates to several topics. It is a summative grade that is DUE March 27!

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The Atom and Periodic Table Unit Guide

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The Atom and Periodic Table Unit