• Assignment date period:  Monday 3/23, Tuesday 3/24, and Wednesday 3/25

    *Learning Objectives:
    -Identifying how the leaders of the new nation met the challenges of establishing a
    stable democratic government and economy.
    -The expansion of the United States and economic development during 1800's.
    -Identifying the presidency of Andrew Jackson and the concept of Jacksonian
    Democracy dealing with Native Americans, the national bank, and states' rights and
    how these issues helped lead to sectional differences throughout the country.


    Monday 3/23 and Tuesday 3/24

    We have spent the last couple weeks looking at Chapter 12 "The Age of Jackson" (aka The Jacksonian Era) in American History from 1824-1840.  

    Watch the following video titled "History vs. Andrew Jackson"  "History vs. Andrew Jackson" video link regarding some different view and perspectives on Jackson and some of his policies.

    Using Chapter 12 from your textbook (a link to an online version for the Chapter can be found here Chapter 12 "Age of Jackson") and/or your class assignments and notes, evaluate the Age of Jackson as well as Andrew Jackson as a leader in American History.

    Click on the link below for assignment chart that can be completed looking at positives and negatives of the Jacksonian Era and then complete questions on the second page after forming your chart to evaluate the Age of Jackson and key events that occurred during this era in history.  The purpose of this chart is for you to be able to organize and recognize key points and events that occurred during Jackson's time leading the nation.  This chart is intended to help you on the asssessment that will be assigned for Wednesday 3/25 via Edpuzzle.

    Ch. 12 Jackson Analysis Chart

    Sample chart:

    Area of Focus = Appeal to the People (look for examples that show positive appeal or support of people for Jackson or his policies or examples that illustrate negative appeal or criticism of Jackson or his policies).

    Achievements (positives +) - 

    *Won three popular votes (1824, 1828, 1832 Elections)

    *Won two electoral votes (1828, 1832 Elections)

    Failures (negatives - ) - 

    *Political cartoons portraying him as a King

    Notice, I did not have two positive and two negatives.  You need to find at least two items for each area of focus (you can do more if you choose, as in my sample where I gave three), so it can be two positives, one positive and one negative, or two negatives.  It depends on the events you use and how you evaluate it.  Once you have completed the chart, you will use it to help answer the questions on the backside to evaluate Jackson and the Jacksonian Era in our nation's history.


    Wednesday 3/25

    If you have not registered for EdPuzzle for your American History class by period, see link on Mr. Neil's webpage regarding EdPuzzle log-in by class period and get signed in.

    EdPuzzle Assessment:

    Using Edpuzzle, watch assigned video from History Channel regarding Andrew Jackson and his two terms during "The Age of Jackson" and complete the accompanying questions as an assessment regarding "The Age of Jackson".  The questions become live Tuesday and must be completed by or before Friday, 3/27 at 11:59pm.  The questions will count as a quiz grade over Chapter 12 Age of Jackson content, so please take the questions seriously. 

    *If you completed the Monday assignment regarding positives and negatives of the Jackson Era, it will be helpful for some of the questions that are on the assessment that go along with the video quiz.