• Students, please refer to this website for required coursework and information during the on-site school cancellation. Please feel free to email me as needed for questions or clarification. My goal is to deliver content to you in a manageable method. 

    Each week, by Friday at 9:00 am, I will create assignments to be completed by the end of the following week. 

    Required online lessons and formative assessment quizzes will be completed through the i-Ready website using your logins that you have used all year. The site can be found at https://login.i-ready.com/ . As a reminder, your login is typically your school ID and password is jms1. If you have questions about your login info please email me. 

    Each week, upon completion of your i-Ready assignments there will also be a required summative assessment posted as a link. All lessons and assessments are time-stamped upon completion so please do not attempt the summative assessment before doing the i-Ready lessons.

    Additional practice will be attached as PDF files/links as well as possible additional online instruction. These WILL NOT be reviewed for completion. They are simply there as an additional resource.

    The link to each week's assignments will be listed on the list to the left of this page.

     I hope to see you all back at school and healthy soon!

    -Mr. Myers-