• Wrapping Up the End of the School Year!

    Hello Jazzy Johnnies! Thank you all for your continued efforts in this last quarter of the school year - YOU MADE IT!! I will not be giving any more assignments for the remainder of the school year; instead, I am giving you one last opportunity to play "catch up" on the choir assignments you may have missed during this time. All of your grades will be updated on Progress Book this weekend (no later than Monday, 5/18) so that you can see what you need to get done. You have until Wednesday, May 27th to turn in your missing work.

    As always, if you have any questions and/or concerns, please reach out to me via email (bwarner@jmk12.org) or the Remind app - I'm happy to help you in any way I can :)


    REMINDER: talent show video submissions are due on Friday, May 22nd - I encourage you all to participate! Submit your talent show video here: JMS Talent Show


    Even though our year was cut short, THANK YOU for a great year! I'm so blessed beyond measure to have a wonderful group of students like you :)

    Continue to stay safe and healthy, everyone! Sending my love and best wishes to all,

    Miss Warner

  • Week 5 Assignments (April 27th - May 1st):

    1) Read this letter from Miss Warner :)

         Week 5 Letter

    2) If you need to catch up on any other choir assignments, now is the time to complete them! Find these assignments below.

    3) Continue practicing your spring concert music, as usual. 


  • Week 4 Assignments (April 20th - April 24th):

    1) Read this letter from Miss Warner :)

         Week 4 Letter

    2) Continue practicing your spring concert music on your own, adding the musical elements we discussed in last week's Zoom meeting.

    3) Complete the Sight Reading Practice form below:

         Sight Reading Practice Form

         Sight Reading Prompt (use this recording to help you with your sight reading)

    *if you feel like challenging your sight reading skills more, check out the Concert Choir sight reading practice form here: Sight Reading Practice Form (Concert Choir)

  • Week 3 Assignments (April 14th - April 17th):

    1) Read this letter from Miss Warner :)

         Week 3 Letter

    2) Continue practicing your spring concert music on your own.

    3) Zoom Sectionals on Wednesday, April 15th

         12pm - 12:30pm: SOPRANOS

         12:30pm - 1pm: ALTOS

         1pm - 1:30pm: TENORS

         1:30pm - 2pm: BASSES

  • Week 2 Assignments (March 30th - April 3rd)

    1) Read this letter from Miss Warner :)

         Week 2 Letter

    2) Continue practicing your Spring Concert Music on your own

    3) Complete this Choral Listening Exercise form:

         Choral Listening Exercise

    4) Record yourself singing through your voice part of your Spring Concert Music and upload it here:

         Spring Concert Progress (Jazzy Johnnies)

         **If your recordings will not upload to this link, feel free to email them to me.**


    Due Date: Friday, April 3rd - 3pm!