• *Learning Objectives:
    -Identifying how the leaders of the United States met the challenges of establishing a
    stable democratic government and economy.
    -Analysis of westward expansion and its political, economic, and social effects on the
    development of the United States during the 1800's and connections to today.
    -Identifying reasons people went west, their hardships, and the impact.

    Thursday 3/26 and Friday 3/27

    We will be looking at westward expansion and how the continental United States was acquired and pieced together.  It was thought in the 1800's that it was our "destiny" to move forward and for the U.S. to expand from coast to coast.  Chapter 13 "Manifest Destiny" will be used along with some other resources to look at westward expansion.

    As an introduction to Manifest Destiny, look at the John Gast painting titled "American Progress".  A link to the painting and some questions to think about can be found here Manifest Destiny "American Progress" Preview.  After looking at the preview and thinking about the questions, there is a link on the document that will take you to an interactive website that you can scroll over different parts of the Gast painting it and it will explain portions of it.  The "American Progress"  painting by John Gast is the most famous portrayal of the ideology of Manifest Destiny.

    EDPuzzle Assignment:

    (If you have not registered for EdPuzzle for your American History class by period, see link on Mr. Neil's webpage regarding EdPuzzle log-in by class period and get signed in.)

    After looking at the Manifest Destiny preview and questions, go to Edpuzzle and complete Manifest Destiny Introduction questions.  The window for completion of the video questions is from 3/25-3/29, so please get it done by or before Sunday 3/29 at the latest. 

    Study Island Practice:

    As an overview of Westward Expansion, log into Study Island StudyIsland.com and go to Grade 8 Social Studies (Ohio's Learning Standards) for "History Standard 2f. Westward Expansion".  

    Please complete lesson and practice questions regarding Westward Expansion by Monday, 3/30 as there will be other lessons assigned for the week of 3/30-4/3.

    Thank you and have a great weekend!