• IT 1 Assignments


    If you have not finished your Word Table Project, please make sure that you finished it and turned it to me.  We learned how to send a file with an attachment a couple of weeks ago so this is a great way to practice that!  Let me know if you have any difficulties.

    Word Project & Directions

    Today if you have any missing assignments to finish for the end of the 9 weeks, please get them to me.  I do not want to assign 0%s so check your Progress Book.  It is kind of a catch up day.

    So if you are all caught up, let's focus on Real World Life Activities.  I challenge you to learn some real world life skills such as "learning to change the oil in a car, sewing on a button, cooking a meal, make a video diary about how you are coping with this situation (This will be something to tell your kids someday about how you survived!), read a book, paint a picture, write a book, be a super hero and step up to help your parents with the germ fighting (a.k.a cleaning) in your home, learn how to make something out of wood, plant some seeds, learn to sew, and the list is limitless!" Email me and tell me what kinds of things you are doing, along with a picture, and I'll post them on my teacher page.  I will not be putting your names with your pictures for your safety.



    It is very appropriate that we start our next unit of the Internet, Internet Safety and Copyright since we will be spending more time online.

    Complete the Internet Basics activity below.

    Internet Basics Part 1

    There are a lot of videos to help explain the internet history and important terms.



    Internet Basics Part 2



    Being safe is THE MOST important thing that I could teach! 

    Do some brain storming about the top 5 things that you can do to be safe on the internet. 

    After you have come up with your 5 things, click on the Word document below and see my list.  Make some flashcards and learn them well!  We will need them!

    Internet Safety Rules



    Today we will be learning about cybersecurity.

    What is cybersecurity?

    Cybersecurity video

    Answer the following questions about cybersecurity on what you know.  We will go over these topics next week.


  • IT2 Assignments


    We are going to continue working with Microsoft Excel. If you do not have full Excel on your device, try using the Office 365 version. Let me know if you have difficulty.

    We have worked on making a graph in class. Now it is your chance:

    Graph Project



    Prepare for your Excel quiz.  Make flash cards from your notes for the folowing vocabulary and make sure that you know them!

    cell reference
    ascending order
    descending order
    active cell

    Also for your test, make sure that you can identify the cell reference for each cell and write a simple formula.

    Here is a video that will help you with writing formulas:



    Complete the quiz at the link below.

    Excel Test



     Since we can't go to the movies, I thought it would be fun to make a movie trailer from a book that you are reading. 

     Here is the movie trailer from Frozen 2.  Frozen 2 Trailer

    A great app for this is imovie which is an app for your iphone.  It most likely is already installed on your iphone.  Your computer may have anything from Video Editor that you can download for free or a number of movie creation apps will do.  Let me know if I can help you with this for your device.  The options are endless and free!

    I am including a storyboard template to help you out in your planning.  I do know that the best trailers that I have seen require thought and planning.  You may print off this template or make your own on paper but it is necessary!  You can enlist other family members to help out with the acting if you want but you have to be the director.  Setting your phone on a solid place will allow you to be in it if you choose OR you may use pictures that you find on the internet as long as you give them credit at the end of your movie (in the credits).  Storyboard


    You may make a trailer about the current quarantine as if it were a movie.


    If you don't have access to a movie creating device, you can draw a cartoon about your book or quarentine situation on a storyboard format.

    Come up with your plan today.



    Check in with me today to let me know about the movie trailer or movie  or cartoon that you are going to make on the following form.  Remember, it needs to be school appropriate and it has to be approved by me.

    Feedback Form for Project