• *Learning Objectives:

    -Analysis of westward expansion and its political, economic, and social effects on the
    development of the United States during the 1800's and connections to today.
    -Identifying reasons people went west, their hardships, and the impact.
    -Causes of the War with Mexico and the Texas Annexation.
    -Growth of the United States from the Atlantic to the Pacific and how land was
    acquired through both treaties and conflicts with European countries (United States
    Expansion and land acquisition for the Continental U.S.).

    Monday 3/30, Tuesday 3/31, (and Wednesday 4/1 if need be to)

    *If you have not completed the Study Island questions assigned on Friday 3/27 regarding Westward Expansion, log into Study Island and complete the questions as an overview of some of the expansion of territory for the United States in the 1800's.

    (This is the assignment that was posted Friday 3/27:

    As an overview of Westward Expansion, log into Study Island StudyIsland.com and go to Grade 8 Social Studies (Ohio's Learning Standards) for "History Standard 2f. Westward Expansion".  

    Please complete lesson and practice questions regarding Westward Expansion by Monday, 3/30 as there will be other lessons assigned for the week of 3/30-4/3.)


    **Watch the following video clip as an introduction to Trails West from the History Channel "Trails West" Story of US.

    ***Using your Creating America history book and/or the online text, read over the following sections and define the below terms on a sheet of notebook paper (along with any notes that you would like to take from each section) to give you a summary of some of the key items from each section.  The notes and terms will be helpful for you going forward when you take assessments over the information.  

    -Section 13-1 "Trails West" on pages 377-381 (online section link 13-1 Trails West):

    1. Mountain Man

    2. Land Speculator

    3. Santa Fe Trail

    4. Oregon Trail

    5. Mormon

    6. Mormon Trail

    -Section 14-1 "The Hopes of Immigrants" on pages 407-412 (online section link 14-1 The Hopes of Immigrants):

    7. Emigrant

    8. Immigrant

    9. Steerage

    10. Push-Pull Factor

    11. Famine

    12. Prejudice

    13. Nativists

    -Section 13-4 "The California Gold Rush" on pages 396-401 (online section link 13-4 The California Gold Rush):

    14. Forty-Niner

    15. Californios

    16. California Gold Rush


    This Day in History Links:

    Monday = 3/30 This Day in History

    Tuesday = 3/31 This Day in History

    Wednesday 4/1

    Complete any terms from sections 13-1, 14-1, and 13-4 that were assigned for Monday and Tuesday and review over them and any notes/main ideas points that you might have written down from the sections along with the terms.

    Once done with terms for each section above, go to EdPuzzle site (make sure that you log-in and go to the correct class period) and complete "Chapter 13/14: Trails West and Immigration of 1800's" along with the accompanying 14 questions that goes along with content covered in Sections 13-1, 14-1, and 13-4 of your Creating America textbook as an assessment regarding that information.

    This Day in History Link:

    Wednesday = 4/1 This Day in History


     Thursday 4/2 and Friday 4/3

    As an introduction to Section 13-2, watch the following video summary regarding The Texas Revolution The Texas Revolution in 3 minutes and the History Channel overview of The Alamo, which is one of the most recognizable events that occured during the Texas Revolution America Story of US: The Alamo.

    Read over Section 13-2 "The Texas Revolution" on pages 384-389 (online section link 13-2 The Texas Revolution) and complete the following questions regarding main ideas from the section 13-2 Texas Revolution main ideas questions.

    This Day in History Links:

    Thursday = 4/2 This Day in History

    Friday = 4/3 This Day in History