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    Week Two:  March 30 - April 3


     Friday, March 27th--Follow up

    Turn in your homework from last FRIDAY.

    checkbox  Log on to Edmodo and write your song title that you found for homework on Friday. 

    We ran out of time on Zoom so I need you to post that info on Edmodo to receive credit. Thank you!


     Monday, March 30th 

    checkbox   Read "Mountain of Doom" and "Journey to Pompeii" in SCOPE magazine.  Use the paper magazine or use scope.scholastic.com (Class code: jmsrocks) Complete page 9 "Paired Text Quiz" of the SCOPE packet and Log your answers using this link:  Page 9 "Paired Texts Quiz" SCOPE packet



    checkbox  Optional:  ***Join all of my classes on Edmodo!  We will be sharing ideas for interview questions. This will also be a chance to ask me any questions about this week's assignment of writing the cause/effect mini-essay, which is a summative

    ALL Classes:  Discussion starts at 1:00.  The class code for ALL of my seventh grade students is :  dpmwj3 



      Tuesday, March 31st - Thursday, April 2nd


    ***Watch the short video on how to write this essay.  <--- CLICK HERE !!!!


    Really Good Examples of what I'm looking for in your essay are located to the left on my main webpage as well as here. CLICK HERE, too!!! -----> Really Good Examples of Cause / Effect Essay


    Then follow the Steps to complete the Cause/Effect Mini Essay:


    checkbox  Reach out to a family member by phone or in person (preferably a parent, aunt or uncle, but could be a cousin, sibling, etc. Must be 18 or older) and ask them for an appointment.  Try not to spring it on them to drop everything and answer your questions immediately.  Ask them to aside some time and go with the time that is convenient for them. :) 

    checkbox  Type up your interview questions first (use Word or Office 365).  Think of 3 really good questions relating to causes and effects of this pandemic.  You can ask them about how it is affecting them personally, you can ask them about the medical causes and effects, you can ask them if they have any opinions about what is going on, you can ask them what they think about how everything is being handled, you can ask them anything as long as it is related to causes/effects of what's going on. Take good notes on their answers to your questions.

    checkbox  Type up the notes that you took and the answers that they said (doesn't have to be word-for-word).  I expect the questions and answers to be at the top of your paper when you submit on Edmodo. 

    checkbox  Do some research online to find a legitimate website article with information to support your causes or effects. Remember our lesson on how to check your sources for legitimacy?  

    Your online source must fulfill all of those requirements: Currency (less than 5 years will be easy since this event just happened!), Authority (Look up your author and see if they are an expert or reputable), Accuracy (check the facts with other sources), Relevancy (on topic) and Purpose (to inform only).  NO WIKIPEDIA!

    checkbox  In case you missed it, here is a link to ***** a short teaching video *****on how to write a cause/effect essay. After you have watched the short video, if you have questions on how to write the cause/effect paragraph, feel free to email me.

    checkbox  Then write your cause/effect mini-essay, using at least FIVE different supercharged sentences, and labeling them at the end of your essay. (See the little treasure on page 23 in SCOPE packet to refresh your memory on those). 

    All of this is due Thursday by the end of the day.  This is a summative.  Write this using Word or Office 365 (to be safe, so it saves), then copy, paste, and send all of it to me through Edmodo as an "assignment." 

    checkbox  I predict that the toughest part is going to be incorporating your online source(s) and citing properly.  

    Be sure to use "cheese" (introductory phrase with the name of the author and title of the article in italics or quotes) and an in-text citation (Last name of author or name of reputable organization).  Period goes AFTER the "().  Do NOT put the full website URL inside the parenthesis or anywhere in your essay.  If you can't find the author of your online source, do not use it. :) It should be at least an organization.  Watch the teaching video clip if you would like more of a refresher on how to cite your sources.



    Basic Requirements/Grade Sheet for the Cause/Effect Mini Essay:


    Three Interview questions and answers are typed before the essay  /9

    Five different kinds of Supercharged Sentences are labeled at the end of the essay  /10

    Mini-Essay is written with cause/effect structure (see teaching video link above)  /7

    Online source(s) are used and cited properly  /3

                 *5/6 period is required to use 2 or more sources and write 4 paragraphs.

    Spelling, punctuation, etc.  /1


    Total Summative Points:   /30



    Friday, April 3 

    checkbox  Go to commonlit.org.  Complete the assignment, "How Jackie Robinson Changed Baseball."  Submit your answers. 

    checkbox  When we come back from Spring Break, if we are not in school yet, we will be reading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.  I will be posting an online copy of the book for you to download Tuesday, April 14th.  If you would like a copy of the actual book, you may try to purchase one before April 14th.  I am greatly looking forward to reading this novel with you because we will have some fantastic discussions!!