• Welcome to Week 2! It appears most of you have been online and have been completing the i-Ready assignments. Remember to complete i-Ready assignments and PASS the quizzes before attempting the summative assessment toward the end of the week.


    Week 1 Summative Assessment corrections (version 2) video now posted on youtube link.


    Week 1 Reassessment link as well as Week 2 Summative Assessment link will be posted below.

    There will only be 1 reassessment opportunity for each summative so be sure to give it your best effort. 

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    REQUIRED i-READY LESSONS: Due By Friday 4/3/2020 - Make sure to view the lesson and complete the formative quiz for each lesson. 

    Using Mean and Mean Absolute Deviation to Compare Data (2 sessions...total estimated run-time of 51 minutes) + quiz

    Using Measures of Center and Variability to Compare Data (estimated run-time of 30 minutes) + quiz


    REQUIRED SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT: Click on the link titled WEEK 2 SUMMATIVE (will be posted on Monday 3/30) and complete all given questions. Due 4/3 -  An additional reassessment link will be posted to be completed upon return from Spring Break only if reassessment is desired by the student. 


    Week 1 Reassessment (If desired) : Link posted below. Due Friday 4/3 

    Addtitional Resources (not-required):

    READY practice workbook lesson 27

    Additional PRACTICE PDF and instructional links will be found below.