Miss Denise Brandon

Phone: (740) 967-8766 ext. 3323


Degrees and Certifications:

BA-Mt. Vernon Nazarene University

Miss Denise Brandon

Middel School Read for Success Teacher

6th-8th Grade Co-taught Math Teacher 

7th Grade Intervention Specialist

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    Hi, class!  I miss seeing you and hope you've enjoyed a few days off from school work.  Now it's time to get back to learning. :)  We are going to continue reading The Maze Runner by James Dashner.  It is a long novel, but if you read 10 pages each school day, you will finish it.  :)  I have broken down the book into different chapter sections and will have those sections posted each day.  Do NOT panic when you preview the length of the sections.  These sections are longer than what you will need to read in one day.  You will need to stop in the middle of chapters, but you are allowed to read ahead if you would like to do so.  Feel free to have someone at home read with you or read aloud to you.  You will need to click on the Assignmnets Page, located in the upper lefthand side of this page,  in order to access all of your assignments.  Once you are on the assignments page, you will need to use the drop down boxes to choose March and choose 2020.  Then you will need to click on Filter.  This should bring up the week's assignmnets.  Click on that day's assignments and follow the given directions.  Each time you go to the Assignments Page, you will need to choose the month, choose the year, and click Filter even when you click the go back arrow.  During this time of online instruction, you will have chapter questions to answer, vocabulary to define, journals to write, and quizzes to complete.  This means that you will have formative and summative grades, which at the end of the fourth nine weeks grading period will be posted in the grade book as Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory.  70% and higher is Satisfactory while 69% and below is Unsatisfactory.  

    Please keep in mind that I am new to online instruction, which means I am learning as I go.  If you have issues with my webpage or I've made mistakes, please let me know.  I will be checking email throughout the day and will respond to you as quickly as I can.  We will get through this semester.  We just need to be patient and have a positive attitude.  Even though this learning format isn't as exciting as face-to-face, I'm hoping it's still an enjoyable journey through the maze. :)