• Announcement:  This time, I made a checklist for the whole week instead of daily assignments.  Everything is due by Friday evening.  If you need the weekend to finish, just let me know.


    Week Three:  April 14th - April 17th


    Checklist for the Week

    checkbox   Take one of these "Personality Quizzes" by clicking here:  Personality Quiz 1  OR   Longer Personality Quiz 2.  The second "quiz" takes awhile because it makes you take a survey before giving your result.  I will post these two links on Edmodo, so you can just go there and click if you prefer.


    checkbox   Read the answer to the "Personality Quiz," which will tell you what character your personality matches best with, and see if you agree or disagree with the description compared to you.  Post on Edmodo to your Small Group (not the whole class) what character you were told that you are most like, and give your opinion about it.  For example,

                 I got Effie Trinket, and I agree that my personality is "peppy", but I don't think I am someone who looks like her at all or is conceited. 

                 Just one or two sentences explaining who you got, how you agree or disagree with the description, and why is all you have to write on Edmodo.  Be specific, though!  As we read The Hunger Games, it will be fun to see if your personality lines up with the character! 


    checkbox   Read Chapters 1-4 of The Hunger Games. 

    The book can be found here:  The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins  You can use that link with your Smartphone as well as on a computer. 

    Here is a link to me reading if you prefer listening to it:  

    Chapter 1 on Youtube:  Mrs. Dennis reads Hunger Games Chapter 1

    Chapter 2 on Youtube:  Mrs. Dennis reads The Hunger Games Chapter 2

    Chapters 3 and 4:  Mrs. Dennis reads Chapters 3 and 4 of The Hunger Games



    checkbox   Take the quiz on Edmodo that will be posted.


    checkbox   Optional:  Get on "All 7th Grade Classes" on Edmodo at 1:00 on Friday, April 17th, and I will send you a link to attend a Zoom meeting with all of my classes.  We have tried this before, and it wasn't toooooo  chaotic!   Everyone needs to use the group code:  dpmwj3 to join the class "All 7th Grade Students."  I will post the link there, and also a phone number you can call if you want to use a phone.  There will be a "Meeting ID" and a password that you'll need to enter into your phone or computer.  Also, there is third way to get on a Zoom meeting, and that is by downloading the app, Zoom, that looks something like this :   Zoom app picture  We will be discussing the first 4 chapters of The Hunger Games.  It will probably take about an hour, so if you need to enter the Zoom meeting late or leave early, that is quite alright. 


    As always, feel free to email me if you are having any difficulties.  All assignments this week are due Friday. Do not wait until the last minute to read all four chapters, however, because that will be about 60 pages to read in one day, plus take a quiz.  Procrastinators, please pace yourselves (I am a recovering procrastinator and can see very well how this could happen.).  To have an easy time of it, start your reading on Tuesday at the latest!  


    Hope you have a great 4 day week!  Enjoy The Hunger Games!!!!

    :) Mrs. Dennis