• English 10 Week of 4/13-4/19

    Our final unit of study for the year will be reading the non-fiction story Into the Wild. There is a great movie based on this book, so watch the trailer below to introduce yourself to the novel. 

    Next, check your email for the links and attachments that you will need to complete this week's work. Also, check the Into the Wild Links tab of my website for the link to the pdf of the book and for links to each chapter being read aloud. 


    Your tasks for the week are:

    Tuesday: Read Chapter One (pdf pages 5-8) and complete Chapter One Merit Badge

    Wednesday: Read Chapter Two (pdf pages 9-12) and read Chapter Three (pdf pages 13-18)

    Thursday: Complete Chapter Three Merit Badge and read Chapter Four (pdf pages 19-27)

    Friday: Get caught up and turn in assignments by midnight


    Your assignments that must be emailed to me by midnight on Friday:

    • Chapter One Merit Badge 

    • Chapter Three Merit Badge