• *Learning Objectives:
    -Identifying how the leaders of the United States met the challenges of establishing a
    stable democratic government and economy during the 19th century.
    -Reform movements of the 1800's and the impact that it had on the issues of slavery
    and women's rights.
    -Evaluating the conflicts that pulled the North and South apart and the attempts to
    resolve the issues dividing the country.


    Monday 4/20 ZOOM "Q & A" @ 11:00am

    I will be hosting a ZOOM meeting for anyone that has questions regarding Chapter 13/Section 14-1 Manifest Destiny, Westward Expansion, and Immigration of the 1800's content before the summative test becomes is assigned and live Monday, April 20th at noon.  The Zoom meeting will be at 11am and be open for an hour (until noon).  The test will be accessible at 12:00pm following the meeting.  If you have questions about any of the content please stop in and I'll be available to talk.

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    Topic: Mr. Neil Meeting for Manifest Destiny/Westward Expansion Q & A
    Time: Apr 20, 2020 11:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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    Monday 4/20 and Tuesday 4/21

    Over the course of the last couple weeks of class we have been looking at Westward Expansion and Immigration of the 1800's.  Last Friday, April 17th, I had you complete a map activity and EdPuzzle review assessment.  You were asked to review and prepare for a summative assessment regarding Chapter 13/14-1 Manifest Destiny, Westward Expansion, and Immigration of the 1800's.  You should also make sure that your formative/summative work for the Westward Expansion content is complete, as they have been assigned to help you prepare for the summative test over the whole chapter.

    Complete the following summative assessment regarding content covered from 3/25 through 4/17 by going to the following link:

    Chapter 13 Manifest Destiny/Westward Expansion/14-1 Immigration summative assessment


    Optional - This Day in History Links:

    Monday = 4/20 "This Day in History"

    Tuesday =  4/21 "This Day in History"


    Wednesday 4/22 and Thursday 4/23

     We will be looking at some reform movements that occurred during the middle of the 1800's, most notably abolition and women's rights. Here is an introductory video with some background information:  U.S. History: Abolitionist Movement

    Use Section 14-4 of your textbook titled "Abolition and Women's Rights" (here is a link to an online version of Chapter 14 from the Creating America textbook, see section 14-4 from the chapter Chapter 14 "A New Spirit of Change, 1820-1860"). 

    Read over section 14-4 "Abolition and Women's Rights", then define the following terms on a sheet of notebook paper (write the term AND the definition):

    1) Abolition

    2) Underground Railroad

    3) Seneca Falls Convention

    4) Suffrage

    After defining the above terms, on that same sheet of paper answer the following main ideas questions (write the question AND the answer):

    5) How did William Lloyld Garrison work to end slavery?

    6) How did Frederick Douglass and Sojourner Truth fight for abolition?

    7) How did runaway slaves escape to freedom on the Underground Railroad?

    8) Watch the following video clip from the History Channel and answer the question "Who was Harriet Tubman AND why is she important in history?" America Story of US: Harriet Tubman

    9) What did women at the Seneca Falls Convention demand?

    10) How did Susan B. Anthony work for women's?

    11) Watch the following video clip from the History Channel and answer the question "What happened at the Seneca Falls Convention?"  History.com "What Happened at the Seneca Falls Convention?"

    Optional - This Day in History Links:

    Wednesday = 4/22 "This Day in History"

    Thursday =  4/23 "This Day in History"


    Friday 4/23

    Review over and check your Section 14-4 "Abolition & Women's Rights" terms/main ideas work, then log into EdPuzzle and complete the video assessment titled "Abolition and Women's Rights".

    When done, preview Chapter 15 "The Nation Breaking Apart". 

    Next week we will begin looking at the decade of the 1850's and what led to the United States ultimately going to war with itself and the causes of the Civil War. 

    Here is a link to a Shmoop "Causes of the Civil War" video introduction:

    Shmoop Causes of Civil War Intro Video Clip

    Optional - This Day in History Link:

    Friday = 4/24 "This Day in History"


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