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    “It’s a Mystery” Tic-Tac-Toe Project Menu

    Choose 3 tasks in the menu below to complete.  You must choose 3 tasks that are horizontal,

     diagonal, or vertical in a row that would win a tic-tac-toe game. All work should be submitted in final copy form; this project is a summative grade.

     Be sure to access the "Documents for the Mystery Menu Project" on the website menu. You will find copies of the stories to read.


    Compose a recipe for a suspenseful mystery.  Look at an example of how a recipe is written in the "Documents for the Mystery Menu Project". Be sure to include the necessary elements (ingredients) and the directions needed.  Make sure to be descriptive!  Complete this by clicking HERE.

    Read the poem Detective Wiggins found in the"Documents for the Mystery Menu Project". Answer questions over the poem found HERE.

    One of Mrs. Bevier’s Gnomes was stolen from the library.  You are a suspect in the crime.  Write a paragraph convincing Mrs. Almendinger that you did not do it.  Make sure you give a convincing alibi.  This should be in final form.  Type it HERE.

    Remember the mystery you heard last week, “The Case of the Missing Carrot Cake”?  Retell this story, by writing a summary.  Be sure to include the title, author, beginning, middle, and end in your summary.

    Make sure this is in final form and type it HERE.

    Edger Allen Poe is the inventor of the detective story.  Visit this website and investigate how Poe was as a writer.  Follow the directions on the form HERE and answer the questions.

    Write your own mystery story.  Use at least 5 mystery vocabulary words that you practiced last week found in the Documents for the Mystery Menu Project.  Make sure you have a beginning, middle, and end with a problem and solution.  This story should be in final form and type it HERE.

    Read the story “The Snake Pit” found in the Documents for the Mystery Menu Project.

    Answer the questions over the story HERE.

    A famous chocolate chip recipe has been stolen. If it is made public, the company will go bankrupt. The company has just received a ransom note in code.


    Generate the ransom note in code that includes the demands of the thief. Read about secret messages HERE

    Type the ransom note in code, include directions on how to crack the code, and an answer key HERE.

    Read “The Case of the Sticky Brush” found in the Documents for the Mystery Menu Project. What five “W” questions would you ask to solve the mystery?  Then take a shot at playing detective and make a guess to solve the mystery.  Complete your answers HERE.