• April 21 – 24

    To see our learning goals and scale this week, click on the link below.



    Catch Up!

    Many of you have not submitted your Scope assignments and quizzes from 2 weeks ago. Please check Progressbook for missing work. Everything has been updated. If there is no score, the assignment is missing. 

    If you had trouble subitting the "Swirling Darkness" Quiz and "The Mountain of Fire" Quiz: Please click on the links below to enter your answers into the form. My apologies for not making that process simpler from the start!

    Swirling Darkness Quiz

    Mountain of Fire Nonfiction Quiz


    This week we will be reviewing some fiction elements such as characters, setting, plot, conflict and theme!

    April 21: 

    Click on the link below to read the story “7th Grade” By Gary Soto.

    Link to Story

    April 22 - 23

    Copy these questions into an Office365 document and answer them. Title the document in the blue header bar Class Period – Story Questions, and share it with me.

    Story Questions

    April 24

    Click on the link below to take the quiz over this story.