• *Learning Objectives:
    -Analysis of how the Civil War began, key events/individuals of the war, the impact on
    the Union and Confederate States.
    -Identifying how the leaders of the United States met the challenges of establishing
    a stable democratic government and economy during the 19th century (1800's).
    -Evaluating the conflicts that pulled the North and South apart and the attempts to
    resolve the issues dividing the country.
    -Democratic principle of popular sovereignty and its impact on issue of slavery.


    Monday 4/27 

    In the last lesson you read about the movement to abolish slavery.  We are now going to look at differences between the North and South that threaten to tear the nation apart and ultimately lead to a Civil War. 

    Study Island Practice:

    As an overview/introduction to Chapter 15 "The Nation Breaking Apart", log into Study Island StudyIsland.com and go to Grade 8 Social Studies (Ohio's Learning Standards) for "History Standard 2g. Causes of the Civil War".  


    Optional - This Day in History Links:

    Monday = 4/27 This Day in History


    Tuesday 4/28 and Wednesday 4/29

    *If you have not completed the Study Island questions assigned on Monday 4/27 regarding Causes of the Civil War, log into Study Island and complete the questions as an overview of some of the issues that lead to "The Nation Breaking Apart".

    **Watch the following video clip as an introduction to Differences between the North and South in the first half of the 1800's The Differences Between the North and South Before the Civil War.

    ***Using your Creating America history book and/or the online text, read over Section 15-1 "Growing Tensions Between the North and South" (online link to section 15-1 Growing Tensions Between North and South) and complete the following assignment regarding differences between the two regions 15-1 Regional Differences Questions.

    Optional - This Day in History Links:

    Tuesday =  4/28 This Day in History

    Wednesday = 4/29 This Day in History


    Thursday 4/30 and Friday 5/1

    *Watch the following video clips as an introduction/overview to four key events from Sections 15-2 "The Crisis Deepens" and 15-3 "Slavery Dominates Politics":

    15-2 Fugitive Slave Act of 1850

    15-2 Kansas Nebraska Act/Bleeding Kansas

    15-3 Dred Scott vs Sandford Case

    15-3 Lincoln and Douglas Debates

    **Using your Creating America history book and/or the online text, read over Section 15-2 "The Crisis Deepens" (online link to section 15-2 The Crisis Deepens) and Section 15-3 "Slavery Dominates Politics" (online link to section 15-3 Slavery Dominates Politics) and complete the following Microsoft Forms assignment regarding key issues that 1850's America was dealing with:

    15-2 Crisis Deepens & 15-3 Slavery Dominates Politics Main Ideas Questions


    Optional - This Day in History Links:

    Thursday =  4/30 This Day in History

    Friday = 5/1 This Day in History