• Hello, everyone!

       How things can change in a week!  I hope you all are healthy and ready to exercise you mind!  That's going to be important in these days of quarantine or we will have to peal you off the ceiling when this is all over!  During rough times in life, I have always viewed rough days as temporary and if they are temporary, we can get through them.

       There are some things that will be different.  We will still be in close contact with each other throughout your learning, even if we don't see each other's faces.  You will still be responsible for your work and you will get grades.  I will still be available to help you so don't be afraid to ask questions!  A lot of technologies are being used to keep your learning on track.  I'm even learning a few new technology tools myself!  At any time, feel free to email me at karnold@jmk12.org.

       Speaking of questions, if you have issues logging in with your Office 365 accounts, please let me know and I will reset your password. 

       I am busy working on building some awesome learning activities that we will be doing, whether you are in IT1 or IT2. I will have posted by Friday morning.

       Try some real world learning activities like learning to change the oil in a car, sewing on a button, cooking a meal, make a video diary about how you are coping with this situation (This will be something to tell your kids someday about how you survived!), read a book, write a book, be a super hero and step up to help your parents with the germ fighting (a.k.a cleaning) in your home, learn how to make something out of wood, plant some seeds, learn to sew, and the list is limitless!  Email me and tell me what kinds of things you are doing, along with a picture, and I'll post them here.  I can't wait to see what you are doing!