• May 4 - May 8

    • Goal: Explain how literary elements such as setting, characters, conflict and plot affect one another in a story.
      • We will be focusing on conflict for chapters 4-6.
    • To view our learning scale for these lessons click this link: Scale

    All assignments are due by Friday, May 8th

    Silently read chapter's 4-6 in "The Outsiders" or follow along in the read-aloud video links below.


    Link to the whole novel:

    CLICK HERE for "The Outsiders" By S.E. Hinton


    *Below is a Link to the whole novel in Spanish. If needed, I'd recommend side-by-side reading. Read the chapter in your strongest language, but have the other version open in another browser for reference. CLICK HERE for: The Outsiders in Spanish


     Note: Many of you have not taken last week's quiz over chapter 1-3. Please catch up with reading or viewing chapter 1-3 and complete the quiz below before continuing on with your work.

    CLICK HERE TO TAKE Chapter 1-3 Quiz (If you have not done so.) Be sure to click SUBMIT at the end of the quiz.


    Assignment 1:

    Read chapter 4 or view the video link below.

    Think about the conflicts these characters are facing in this chapter and how each character is reacting to the conflicts. You may want to take some notes on conflicts to use on the other assignments. Your notes do not need to be submitted; they will be for personal use.

     CLICK HERE to view the Chapter 4 Video (25 min)


    Assignment 2:

    Read chapter 5 or view the video link below.

    Ponyboy recites a poem while hiding out in the old church. We studied this poem in class last quarter during our poetry unit. Review the poem and think about its meaning. Then complete the following formative homework questions.

    CLICK HERE to view Chapter 5 Video (27 min)

    CLICK HERE for Chapter 5 Questions


     Assignment 3:

    Read chapter 6 or view the video link below.

    Review your notes on conflicts from chapter 4 and think about how some of these conflicts are coming to be resolved and some are just getting worse. Then take the quiz over chapter 4-6 below.

    CLICK HERE to View Chapter 6 Video (25 min)

    CLICK HERE to take Chapter 4-6 Quiz