• *Learning Objectives:
    -Identifying how the leaders of the United States met the challenges of establishing
    a stable democratic government and economy during the 19th century (1800's).
    -Evaluating the conflicts that pulled the North and South apart and the attempts to
    resolve the issues dividing the country.
    -Analysis of how the Civil War began, key events/individuals of the war, the impact ?on the Union and Confederate States, what led to a Union victory, and the effects of the conflict on the country!


    Monday 5/11

    *In the last chapter we were looking at how the nation broke apart and causes that led to the American Civil War.  We are now going to spend the next couple weeks looking at a summary of the Civil War and the impact of it on our country's history.

    As an overview introduction to the Civil War, you may watch the following clip:

    American Civil War: History, Key Figures and Battles - gives a 5 minute overview of some of the key figures and battles involved in the war.

    **Log into EdPuzzle and watch the video titled "American Civil War Overview" and complete the accompanying questions that recaps some of the information covered in Chapter 15 "The Nation Breaking Apart" and introduces some information regarding basic facts regarding the American Civil War.

    ***Preview Chapter 16 "The Civil War Begins" on pages 462-483 of your Creating America textbook as we will be completing an overview of the chapter this week.

    Optional - This Day in History Links:

    Monday = 5/11 This Day in History


    Tuesday 5/12, Wednesday 5/13, and Thursday 5/14

    *Using your Creating America history book and/or the online text, read over Section 16-1 "War Erupts" (online link to section 16-1 War Erupts), Section 16-2 "Life in the Army" (online link to section 16-2 Life in the Army) and Section 16-3 "No End in Sight (online link to section 16-3 No End in Sight). 

    Complete the following Microsoft Forms assignment regarding main ideas centered on The Beginning of the Civil War:

    16-1 War Erupts/16-2 Life in the Army/16-3 No End in Sight main ideas questions


    Tuesday = 5/12 This Day in History

    Wednesday = 5/13 This Day in History

    Thursday = 5/14 This Day in History


    Friday 5/15

     *Make sure that all of your work is completed Sections 16-1, 16-2, and 16-3 assigned for the week.  In Chapter 16, we were looking at an overview of the first years of the war.  Today we are going to be learn about The Emancipation Proclamation, which helped to change the course of the war.

    As an introduction to the Emancipation, watch the following introductory clip:

    U.S. History | Emancipation Proclamation

    **Using your Creating America history book and/or the online text, read over Section 17-1 "The Emancipation Proclamation" (online link to section 17-1 The Emancipation Proclamation) and complete the following Microsoft Forms assignment regarding the impact of Lincoln's Proclamation on January 1st, 1863.

    17-1 The Emancipation Proclamation main ideas questions


    Optional - This Day in History Link:

    Friday = 5/15 This Day in History