• Overview of the week: 


    All classes :  Read a chapter a day (Chapters 25-27) and take the quiz (next week) on Ch. 20-27.

    There is no Zoom meeting Friday, due to no school.  Please email me if you have any questions about the book. :)



    Important Internet Links:  

    Click here for the book--->  The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins 

    Click here for the audio version---> audio version on Youtube

    Click here --->  https://www.johnstown.k12.oh.us/Page/564  for ALL 7th Grade Teachers' webpages and checklists.



    Learning Objectives for the Week: 

    • Students will determine or clarify the meaning of unknown words and phrases by using context clues and consulting the dictionary as needed.
    • Students will write with varied sentence structure.



    Week Eight:  May 18th - May 20th 


    Checklist for the Week


    checkbox   All Classes:  Read Chapters 25-27 of The Hunger Games.  This week's lessons include reading Ch. 25-27 and taking a quiz that includes Chapters 20-27.  Students may choose to take that quiz at any time after it is posted, up until Wednesday, May 20th. 


    The book can be found here.  Click on this--->  The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins  You can use that link with your Smartphone as well as on a computer. 


    Here are some links to me reading if you prefer listening as you read:  Audio Version of The Hunger Games on Youtube. <---CLICK HERE

    *Note:  You will also find each chapter of me reading on Edmodo.



    Due Dates: 

    1.  Past Edmodo assignments: Check and make sure you have completed all Edmodo assignments that have been given throughout the course of the 8 weeks of online learning.  There has been approximately one assignment given per week:  a Personality Quiz, Character Analysis, Mythology Assignment (for 5/6 only), Deep Thinking Questions, and Supercharged Sentence Scavenger Hunt.  You can find them on Edmodo on the right hand column (click the arrows to scroll back to previous weeks). If you have missed doing one of those, please submit the assignment(s) as soon as possible!  There have also been three assignments on Common Lit.org:  Explainer Animals, Self Care and Jackie Robinson.  Please be sure that those are completed as well.  


    2.  Reading:  Due Wednesday.  Yes, we are finishing the book on the last day of school!


    3.  Quiz:  due Wednesday, May 20, because it will be combining Chapters 20-27.  If you need extra time, email me and I will extend the due date for you up until Friday. Can you believe that we have been reading a chapter every weekday and are ending on exactly the last day of school? So far, there have been quizzes on Hunger Games approximately every Friday:  Ch. 1-4, 5-9, 10-14, 15-19 (two Fridays ago) , and the last one which is this week, 20-27.  Please check that you have taken all of those quizzes :)


    *4.  Optional CHOICE board activity:  If you have signed up to do the Choice Board Reassessment activity, you will be presenting your work on Zoom Monday, May 18th at either 2:00 or 2:30.  Email me if you are unsure of the time in which you present.  You are to have your presentation ready to go and be able to explain how it specifically relates to The Hunger Games (what scenes/chapters in the book and what's going on), answer some questions and give feedback to others in your small group (total possible points = 20).  Please check your email for more details!  



    Hope you have a wonderful last few days of school!  I will miss you!

    Enjoy The Hunger Games!!!!  <---CLICK HERE for the book

    CLICK HERE for the --->audio version on Youtube.


    :) Mrs. Dennis