• Below is a form that will help us collect post high school plans for the Class of 2020. We need this form completed for every senior. This form will be used tfor the final transcript mailing at the end of the year. Please email me at damerrill@jmk12.org if you have any questions.

    Post High School Plans


    We are in the process of collecting scholarship information for the Class of 2020. If you have been awarded a scholarship and have accepted it, please list it in the form below. Click on Scholarship Award Totals to enter your information. If you complete the form and then receive another scholarship, please complete the form again, but only with the new scholarship information. You will list the name of the scholarship, the amount awarded for year 1, and the amount of years you have been awarded this scholarship. This information is annouced at the Senior Awards Night and is listed in the program at graduation. Please email Ms. Merrill at damerrill@jmk12.org if you have any questions. The deadline to complete this form is May 12th. Failure to meet this deadline could result in your scholarship not being annouced at the Awards Night and/or not printed in the graduation program.

    Scholarship Totals