• Hello and Welcome to the Johnstown High School & Middle School Choral Music Department! I am so excited to see you all after a long hiatus from face-to-face learning - what a crazy time to be alive right now!

    This school year is going to look different for us with new protocols and guidelines due to COVID-19. As we start the school year, please have patience, flexibility, and grace.

    • Patience with administrators, teachers, students and their families as they all navigate these new protocols and guidelines for everyone's health, safety, and education.

    • Flexibility, knowing that plans can change often as more information is made available.

    • Grace, knowing that these circumstances are new and completely out of everyone's control; tough decisions are and will continue to be made while thinking about everyone's best interest, even if we don't agree; be kind.

    We are doing everything we can to have some sense of normalcy while also adhering to these new protocols and guidelines. Our choir classroom routine will be different, but we will still create an environment where everyone feels safe and welcome. Our performances will look different, but you will still have your moment in the spotlight.

    Although those specific things will look different, there are things that will NOT be different: our hard work, dedication, teamwork, respect for one another, and love of creating music together. No matter what the circumstances are around us, we will ALWAYS have these things AND EACH OTHER.

    This school year will go down in history as the most unique and challenging, but we will get through it and thrive TOGETHER. We can make this year successful by working hard and remaining positive, starting today. I will expect 100% from each of you every day, and you can expect 100% from me every day.

    Have patience, flexibility, and grace. This will be our mantra for the year.

    I can't wait to sing and make beautiful music together, even during these unprecendented times! Thank you for choosing to be a member of our wonderful choir program - let's have a fun year!

    Musically Yours,

    Miss Warner :)




    For more information about the Johnstown High School & Middle School Choral Music Department, visit their website: JHS Choir Website

Ms. Brianna Warner



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Ms. Brianna Warner

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