• the JOLT program

    Our online endeavor began with one thing in mind – serving students and parents in exceptional and innovative ways. In 2004, Johnstown-Monroe responded to the growing need for alternative coursework by creating an entirely virtual platform for both credit recovery and diverse interests. As time went on, we expanded this foundational program to include dozens of course offerings to our now nearly limitless catalogue of subjects that students would not have access to without the innovative platform of virtual learning. 

    Since then, we've begun actively brainstorming ways to bring the best of virtual schooling to a greater number of our students. After research and observation, we've made several changes throughout the years to make sure our program met the needs and demands of a diverse learning culture based on proven and effective practices from other online learning management systems and virtual education practices already being used in other schools.

    Armed with a solid base of information, we seek to continually create an exceptional and personalized virtual learning experience with the support and culture we know defines the Johnnies. Thus, the Johnstown Online Learning Tools (JOLT) program can serve the diverse needs and interests of its students all from our JOLT Lab. 


    To find out more about how you or your student can access classes offered through JOLT, click the links in the left panel or feel free to contact us!

    JOLT provides over 75 courses from the award winning curriculum. Students in our district can:

    • apply to take classes full-time at home with teacher touch points provided by the excellent faculty of the Johnstown School District.
    • apply to take some classes through JOLT and some classes face-to-face.
    • work in the JOLT Lab located in the high school.
    • participate in our exceptional and well respected programs, like the BIG RED BAND, choir, musicals, and sports.
    • be an important part of a community of engaged students and graduate with fellow classmates at Johnstown-Monroe High School.

    Want to learn more? Contact MHatfield@jmk2.org (High School) or JRings@jmk12.org (Elementary and Middle School)