• Vacation Request Form

    This link will allow you to download and print out the Vacation Request form.

    Be sure to drop it off in the school office for appoval.

     Vacation Request Form

  • EzPay

    This link takes parent to the EZpay-Online Payment System where they can pay for fees and student lunches.


  • LunchApp

    This link takes parents to the online application for free and reduced lunch prices. 


  • Returning Student Update Portal

    This link takes parents to the returning student update portal where they can complete required forms and update contacts.

    Below is an example of the login page you will see. This is where you can login with your credentials and follow the prompts. Credentials are your student(s) birthday and student ID number.

    username: student ID number

    password: student date of birth as formatted below

    M/D/YYYY (1/3/2001) * must include slashes and drop leading zeros


  • Final Forms

    Use this link to complete required forms for athletics.