Let's catch up and look ahead

Posted by Angela Zirille on 5/8/2020

Good Morning JMS Bands,

I hope that this Friday morning finds you all well, and almost done with this week's assignments in all of your classes.   I just finished posting the 6th and 7th grade band assignments for next week.  (Click on your band grade to the left to read yours.)  8th grade band will have to check back later, but I am thinking that we will just continue with exploring some of the Big Red Band music that I shared with you last week.  

Let's catch up...

If you haven't submitted your FLIPGRID video, please do so soon.  This is the only grade you have in the grade book right now and some of you are showing an incomplete in band.  Plus...it's great to see/hear you and be able to give you some individual feedback on how you are doing. Remember:  you can use the website or you can download the app and use it right on your phone.  There is no need to "upload" the video, because you can record right in the app/website.  

Let's look ahead...

The most important part of band during our school closure (and this summer) is that you are still playing your istrument.  Play stuff out of the book, play song tutorials you find on the internet, play using practice apps,  play music for next year...just keep playing :)   Current 6th and 7th graders will have access to The Hey Song and The Fight Song before summer...we'll play those for our JMS Middle School Band Night.   Current 8th graders going into High School Band, will have music packets delivered to them after graduation.  (Although next year might look different/have changes...I still can't wait to see you all in that BRB uniform on the turf!!)

Have a great weekend!  Stay focused.  Get outside. Relax. Have Fun. Work Hard. Smile.  Help your Mom.

peace out, Mrs. Z